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Plant for the Future
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>Poultry Processing
>Mobile Processing
>Hands-on Processing Classes

>Lamb Roasts ( coming soon!) 

>Barnyard Chicks 

>Pasture-Raised Eggs

                                         ...& more

We are your classic small town family farm,

with 3 generations working to make our farm dreams come true! 

Our goal is to provide for & serve our local communities to the best of our abilities with

fresh, locally grown and naturally produced meat, produce, goods & products!

We care for our flocks and our fields using practical knowledge and a whole lot of trial and error! Sometimes things look good and sound even better, but when it comes to farming and gardening, even the best can be humbled by a late frost, a dry spell, or a round of squash bugs. 

We work hard to implement good homesteading practices in all avenues, including regenerative and permaculture practices, rotational grazing, perennial & edible landscaping, and agriculture. 

Farming to us, is one of the best investments in our future generations & our local community.

We want our children and our neighbors to know where their food comes from, and how exactly it gets from farm to table.


 Join our                              as production & scale ramp up. Get alerts on any new products or services!

Please feel free to contact us as we look forward to hearing from you! 


Whether you're looking for processing, hands-on classes or  already frozen birds to purchase...

We've got you covered.

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Woman Picking Organic Vegetables_edited.

Hatching Reliable Barnyard Layers year-round!


Our Katahdin flock manages & rejuvenates over 30 acres of pastured grassland.

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